Lesa Newell

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Lesa Newell

Mediator, facilitator, circle keeper, and conflict coach- on site and virtual services

~Mediator, 13 years/492 cases mediated. Specialize in high conflict mediation/SADR. Trained in child-centered mediation by Lorri Yasenik and Jon Graham. I have mediated with/for children for 10 years and it is my passion. Aa a Parenting Act mediator it is always my goal to bring every voice to the table for family direction and reconciliation.

~2015 Restorative Justice training. Refocusing services beyond conflict decision making to creating environments where participants can restore relationships and overcome the obstacles creating their conflicts and harm.

~2019 Circle keeper training  by Kay Pranis. Conflict coach training.  These two new directions shift the focus of outreach to assisting individuals understand their strengths/weaknesses and how they are influenced by conflict. Most importantly, it gives them a voice in their circumstances/community and allows them to hear those around them.