Data & Research

Data & Research

Data is a valuable tool that can help practitioners, courts, and policymakers understand general trends in the juvenile court system.  Data can be quantitative or qualitative, and no single set of data can be used to draw conclusions.  Rather, multiple sets of data must be assessed to identify the issues, progress, and probems in a system.  Since 2006, the Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative has worked to improve data collection and data accuracy in the JUSTICE court data system for abuse and neglect cases, and to expand ways to assess how the child welfare court system is functioning.  In 2013, that focus expanded to the juvenile justice court system.

In 2008, the Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative partnered with JUSTICE to produce a standardized code manual for abuse and neglect cases.  This improved the accuracy of data entry so that in 2013, for the first time, data was collected automatically rather than manually.  Since 2008, teams have received annual data reports that provide an overview of what the data shows for their communities in the area of case progression, demographics and permanency.  Then in 2014, the Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative rolled out its Data Dashboard.  The Data Dashboard provides the team with updated data on case progression in their communities.  In addition to the quantitative data produced by the data reports, in 2013 the Court Improvement Project began a project on qualitative court observation.  A tool was developed to assess the quality of court hearings and to provide feedback directly to judges.

The information on this website includes data collected by CIP and by external sources on child welfare and juvenile justice cases.


CIP Data Dashboard

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