Are you looking for an attorney?

Are you looking for an attorney?

June 12, 2020
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Start your search for a lawyer with this guidance, taken from the Legal Resources section of our Resources for Private Guardians and Conservators page: 

A guardian may need a lawyer to provide legal advice or to advocate on behalf of the ward. Individuals who are financially eligible can receive legal services through legal aid or legal services programs. In addition, under the Older Americans Act, there are special programs of legal assistance for older people who are “in the greatest social and economic need.” For those not eligible for such legal programs, there are private lawyers who focus on assisting elders or individuals with disabilities. 

Nebraska Legal Aid Services 
Legal Aid of Nebraska
209 S. 19th Street, Suite 200
Omaha, Nebraska 68102 
Phone: 402-348-1069
Legal Assistance: (877) 250-2016
Senior Help Line: (800) 662-1772

Nebraska Bar Association 
Customer service (800) 927-0117

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA)
1577 Spring Hill Rd., Suite 310
Vienna, VA 22182 Phone: 703-942-5711* 
Fax: 703-563-9504
Email: (click on “Find a Lawyer”)

Nebraska Free Legal Answers (NFLA) 
​How NFLA works: To determine user eligibility, visit the above website and answer the series of screening questions. Qualified users must be Nebraska residents, 18 years of age or older, meet income eligibility requirements, and cannot be in jail or prison.